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Should your pet require a surgical procedure, whether routine or complicated, the team at Hesston Veterinary Clinic of Hesston, KS is prepared to provide the best in veterinary surgical care. Surgery is a special interest of Dr. Baehler and with 35 years of experience we believe his expertise is among the best in the area. We often get surgical referrals from our local humane society and area veterinarians. Our approach to the more common surgeries such as spays and neuters are the same as for more complicated surgeries. A thorough pre-surgical exam is performed and if deemed necessary a pre-surgical blood screening will be performed. All of our surgical procedures are carried out in a strict sterile environment and the majority of patients receive pain medication before and after the surgical procedure.  

Surgical procedures available at Hesston Veterinary Clinic include

  • Spay                                                    

  • Neuter                                                

  • Declaw                                              

  • Tumor resection / removal            

  • Fracture repair                                

  • Abscess surgery                              

  • Anal Sac resection / removal                                                                                

  • Anterior cruciate ligament repair

  • Femoral head ostectomy

  • Patella luxation

  • Hip dislocation

  • Cystotomy to remove bladder stones

  • Lateral ear resection for chronic ear infection  

Reliable dentistry services

Caring for your pet’s teeth and gums is about more than just a pretty smile. It is an essential part of your pets overall health and well-being. Periodontal disease is one of the most common problems affecting dogs and cats. If left untreated it can cause bad breath, tooth decay, gingivitis, even loss of teeth and the bacteria involved can enter the bloodstream causing damage to the heart, liver and kidneys. That is why at Hesston Veterinary Clinic a dental exam is considered an important part of your pet’s wellness exam. If problems such as periodontal disease are found the veterinarian can discuss it with you and help set up a treatment/preventive regiment, whether it is regular brushings, dental chews and treats, dental rinses or special diets. If tartar buildup is severe enough he may recommend a professional dental cleaning which includes ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar and polishing followed up with antimicrobial rinses and or oral antibiotics. Since animals are placed under anesthesia to allow us to do a thorough job, if any teeth need surgically extracted we can perform that at the same time.

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