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Although diagnosing and treating your pets and livestock when they are sick is a very important part of our clinic, it is much more important to prevent illness and disease in your animals. The goal of a good wellness-preventative medicine program is just that - to keep your animals and pets healthy, enhancing their well-being and quality of life - and in doing so we hope to extend the time people and their pets are able to enjoy together.


The key to a healthy pet is early detection and prevention of disease. Hesston Veterinary Clinic of Hesston, KS recommends a complete nose to tail examination at least once a year. Routine wellness exams provide you and your veterinarian with an overall picture of your pet’s health and help to identify potential medical concerns before they get out of hand. Pets are masters at hiding illness and often times important medical issues are uncovered at the wellness exam. This gives us a chance to tailor vaccinations, internal and external parasite controls and nutritional programs to fit you and your pet's needs. They also give you an opportunity to ask your veterinarian questions about your pet’s health or behavior.

A good wellness / preventive health program includes

  • Annual physical examination - head to tail

  • Vaccination protocols tailored to your pet

  • Heartworm testing

  • Internal parasite exams

  • Flea and tick control programs

  • Nail trims

  • Ear examinations and cleaning

  • Anal sac expression

  • Microchip identification

  • Dental exams

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What if my pet is sick?

If your pet or animal does get sick, Dr. Baehler believes that the key to diagnosing their illness lies in two things:

Taking an accurate and detailed history, and a very thorough physical exam, once this is done, Dr. Baehler will discuss with you what if any further diagnostic tests are required to diagnose your pet’s illness. Many people and veterinarians might consider this old fashioned but Dr. Baehler believes that it is required in order to follow our goal of keeping it affordable. Many veterinary clinics purchase expensive diagnostic equipment that, financially, are difficult to justify and as a result will recommend a full array of diagnostic tests that may not be needed or even help to make the diagnosis. Dr. Baehler relies on his 35 years of experience to make a lot of diagnoses but if other diagnostics are needed our clinic is capable of doing X-rays, internal parasite exams, urinalysis, heartworm test, cytology, basic bloodwork, parvo test, feline test and pancreatitis test. If ultrasound, EKGs, or endoscopic exams are warranted or needed we refer them to one of the area emergency clinics and more involved blood work-ups are sent to outside labs with results in 24 hours.


We feel our approach to diagnosing your pet's illness is keeping with our goals of making the care of your pet more affordable for you and something our clients appreciate. If this is an old fashioned approach to medicine Dr. Baehler is okay with that because he knows that if he recommends a diagnostic test or procedure, it is because it is needed to diagnose your pet's illness not because he has to pay for expensive equipment.